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Workshops and Consultancy

Dr Erin Reid is a psychologist and wellbeing consultant supporting organisations, young people, adults, couples, and families. By helping people to identify and connect with their inner resources and resilience, Erin helps people to set realistic and achievable goals and bring about the positive changes that they want to see in their lives. Through collaborative action-planning, Erin acts as an accountability partner, trusting that her clients hold the answers to their questions, whilst supporting them to maximise their potential and realise their objectives.

Erin creates bespoke solutions for individuals, teams and organisations. She believes that when we attend to the five pillars below, we maximise our resilience, our ability to cope when stresses and challenges arise, and we reach a greater sense of wellbeing and balance: 








… engaging in activities that provide a sense of purpose, self-worth and self-esteem.


…finding and engaging in those magical activities that bring us pleasure, enjoyment, and put smiles on our faces!


… this doesn’t have to mean a gym membership! It can be any activity that gets us moving, and elevates our heart rates. 


…having a sense of belonging, positive, supportive relationships, and reliable people to go to in times of adversity.


…learning the importance of looking after our bodies. Paying attention to our sleep, what we eat and drink, and the impact on our performance and physical and emotional wellbeing. 

Supporting families through the menopause

Thriving with ADHD

Parent wellbeing across the lifespan 

Mental health in BME families 

Family mental health

Navigating parent and adult-child relationships 

What does mental health mean to me?

Culture, diversity, and institutional racism

Self care: it's everybody's business

Setting realistic and achievable goals 

Creating healthy organisations and teams

Mental health and culture

Where physical and emotional wellbeing meet

Building psychologically minded teams

Understanding and managing low mood and depression

Understanding and managing anxiety

Understanding and working with trauma

Mental health and substance use

Designing holistic roadmaps to wellbeing

Understanding suicidal ideation and self harm

Erin creates bespoke packages of support and facilitates mental health awareness workshops and conversations for groups and teams. Previous workshops have included:

Please contact Dr Erin Reid to schedule a free introductory consultation, and to discuss speaking engagements, consultancy, online workshops and information sessions.

Dr Erin Reid  (CPsychol AFBPsS)

Counselling Psychologist

HCPC Registered, BPS Chartered

BSc (Hons). MSc. DPsych




Mobile: 07939 146 845

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